A Vegan onion pie – Revisiting French traditions

The onion pie is a traditional dish from the Alsace region of France. The original recipe isn’t even vegetarian, as it requires pork bits (beurk!). For a while I was simply replacing the pork by tofu but then started making it entirely vegan, because it’s just as nice! Well, in my very personal opinion, of course!

So here is the ‘recipe’ for a vegan onion pie. #NotaFoodBlogger

Vegan Onion Pie - ready to go in the oven
perfectly imperfect!

Main ingredients

  • Onions
  • tofu (although that is optional)
  • creme of your liking – this time I used a mixed of soy and coco cream
  • Salt, peper, spices, oil…
  • hazelnut powder (or other nuts)

For the pie crust: The usual stuff

  • flour, salt, yeast, a pinch of sugar, oil or vegan butter, a dash of warm water…

As you’ll see below, I added some mixed dried herbs to the crust. I like the little added flavor it gives to the crust. Totally optional. And you know how to make the best pie crust anyway I’m sure!

For such a pie which filling is very soft, I prefer to keep my crust crusty.

Vegan Onion Pie dough
Dough with herbs, not dirt

How to?

Cry over the onions while pealing them. Cut them like you mean it and angrily throw them in your oily pan to cook them, while your eyes are still watery. Gently add your tofu cut in little pieces. Your tofu is nice, no need to be mad at it!

Vegan Onion Pie - Mean onions
The purple onions are the worst!

Prepare your pie crust while the onions are cooking and loosing their power over you. If you decide to add herbs to your dough, do it at the end, once it is almost ready but is waiting for this last little addition to be perfect.

Vegan Onion Pie - dough with herbs
That’s not even enough herbs, dear! add more!!

You can now prepare your cream. Add your preferred spices and herbs to your cream. I’m sneaky, so in addition to salt, pepper and herbs, I added a dash of cayenne pepper for a sweet and spicy result!

Vegan Onion Pie - cream in progress
This is starting to look dangerous!

Then spread your dough in the shape of your liking. Round is good, oval often works. Square is a challenge.

Vegan Onion Pie - dough with herbs
Almost round! Kind off, maybe… we’ll never for sure!

By that time, your onions should have gotten all golden brown and made your kitchen stinky. Spread them in the pie dish, on top of your pie crust obviously.

Spread your cream creation and mix lightly with the onions before covering with hazelnut powder. I did add a little nutritional yeast before the hazelnut powder because it has B12 vitamins and B12 is good for vegans (although the heat from the oven might degrade such vitamin completely, I do not know).

Vegan Onion Pie - ready to go in the oven
Admire your work before putting it in the oven. You never really know what’s going to happen next!

Put in the oven you preheated. For me it is 180° Celsius which is apparently 350° Fahrenheit and cook until ready! OK, maybe 20-30 minutes?!

Vegan Onion Pie - fresh from the oven
Pfff, got lucky!!!

How to serve?

Hot or cold actually! That is a beautiful thing! The onion pie is delicious with a salad, a glass of white wine or cut in little pieces for the aperitif…

With regards to the wine…

This is not traditional, but you can add a shot of white wine when cooking the onions. It doesn’t make them drunk but it does add a little something! Or add it to the cream, it is really up to you!

That’s the adult version of the onion pie!

Hope you enjoy this new vegan recipe. #NotaFoodBlogger!


Spread vegan love and bad breath!

Vegan Onion Pie recipe - traditional dish revisited

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