C’est la Rentrée!

September is here and it’s back to school season for many countries around the World. It’s an exciting time! Summer is still lingering and yet we are getting ready for a new phase in our lives. Battery recharged, new goals set, even if you are not actually going back to school, it’s time to choose your activities for the school calendar year to come, renew those memberships or start new projects. Tango class anyone? A big yes for me! 😉

I think I like setting goals in September more than in January! It might be because January days, in Europe and most of the Northern hemisphere, are short, gloomy and cold. It might be the lack of vitamin D. It might be the exhaustion from the Christmas marathon? Or maybe the simple thoughts that summer is still so far away? In any case, the goals I set in January don’t stick!

So here we are, in September, and it’s a time to reset goals!

But first let me show you how heavenly Slovenia is!! Why? Because you may have seen in my previous post or on Instagram, that we were, this summer, on an epic road trip which took us from our home base in Luxembourg to Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, a bit of Italy and even Liechtenstein!!

I feel Slovenia! 

It was a marvelous road trip, and the best part was undeniably Slovenia. So green, so beautiful, so peaceful. I had already been there but I was still amazed. Most importantly I was so happy to share these moments with Mr A.

Life on the road was easy. We camped, we hiked, we swam, we talked, we chilled, we laughed… we visited a few places including refreshing caves and UNESCO World Heritage sites, of course! We ate great food made from fresh organic products because everything is pretty much organic there!

I cooked vegan meals on a single camp burner while sitting on the floor and drinking wine from an enamel cup! Even I was surprised how delicious it was and how much I enjoyed  the process!! Look, I’m French and one basic rule is that wine must be served in a glass and not one made of plastic. So drinking from an enamel cup alone is an event worth mentioning!! 😉

Ok I’ll stop chatting and let you have a look at the pictures!

Beautfil Waterfall - photography by Miss Coco The Soka river - photography by Miss Coco Soka River gorge - photography by Miss Coco Beautfil Waterfall in Slovenia- photography by Miss Coco

A bridge over the Soka river - photography by Miss Coco

Peaceful moment - photography by Miss Coco stalagmite - photography by Miss Coco stalactite - photography by Miss Coco Cairn in Slovenia - photography by Miss Coco Euphrasian Basilica in Porec, Croatia - photography by Miss Coco Porec, Croatia - photography by Miss Coco Path - photography by Miss Coco Somewhere in Slovenia - photography by Miss Coco Burg Landskron in Austria - photography by Miss Coco


So what are my goals for this ‘new’ year? 

One thing I want to start this September, is to be more present around here! I have slightly abandoned this blog in favor of my other blog. And it’s not fair to this baby!

Dont’t think it’s because I don’t like it! I do like it very much. I don’t take things too seriously around here. It’s ‘light’ and easy. Kind of refreshing for me! On my other blog, I spend hours writing a post, managing SEO, etc. Here not so much!

I do hope you like it but I would totally understand if you don’t give a damn about my projects, drawings, cards, maps, photographies… Really I understand, don’t worry!! I had something in mind when I started this site but Life has just taken me in a different direction. And that’s totally cool with me. I’m loving every moment!

So yeah, we will soon see if I’m up for it!! Fingers crossed 😉

See you soon!