Gone Camping! Include Free Printable Packing Checklist

We’re going on another epic road trip! Yeah!!!

If you’ve been around, you may already know, I have another blog where I talk about Road Trips. Yes it’s called Road Trips around the World and it’s great!! 😉 Do check it out if you want to see all the great places we are visiting. I do have a thing for castles and UNESCO World Heritage sites!

So here we are, leaving on another road trip and this one will take us mostly to Slovenia, a beautiful green country, where we will be camping quite a bit.


Gone Camping! Road Trip - RTatW- Learn more on roadtripsaroundstheworld.com


We’re going camping because we need to reconnect. Reconnect with ourselves & reconnect with nature. We’re going camping because we need to get our minds off our daily crazy life. We’re going camping because we need inspiration, we need to see the stars, we need to enjoy the simple things in life….


Gone Camping! Road Trip - RTatW


But camping requires quite a bit of preparation! To not forget anything, I prepared a little checklist of things to bring to travel comfortably and decided to make it pretty!

Here it is:

A useful Checklist of gears to bring on a Road Trip - Learn more on roadtripsaroundstheworld.com

You can checkout the detailed list on RTatW here.

And if you want print this list, just chose which version you would like and click on the link below. A new page will open and you all you need to do is print and enjoy!

Checklist of gears to bring on a Road Trip – A4 format

Checklist of gears to bring on a Road Trip – Letter US format


Notice that there are some blank spaces? These are for you to complete!


Hope you enjoy! And make the best of your summer! Get out and get inspired!!