A little London trip

Something weird happened… I went to London for a long week-end and I didn’t bring my camera!

My sister in law and her teenagers were going to spend the week in London so I joined them for 4 days. The goal was just to chill out, enjoy ourselves, and simply be together.

When packing, I made a bold decision… I chose not to bring my DLSR!! This is weird! It sounds weird even to me!

What on Earth was I thinking? Well, I know that sometimes (ok, all the time!) I get carried away and once I start taking pictures, I can’t stop. The World can stop around me, I’ll keep shooting. My friends, my partner, they can all be heading in another direction, I won’t notice…. So I decided to not fall into this trap. I chose to not bring my camera to be present, to enjoy the moment.

How was it? It was great!! I actually enjoyed it very much. Yes, I was framing in my head everything I would see. Yes, for brief moments, I regretted my decision. But most of the time, I was there, just there. Focused, alive, happy…

After all, I wasn’t completely camera less… I still had my phone to capture brief souvenirs…. here they are….

What about you? Do you sometimes travel without your camera?