Different ways to gift your photos

Last year, I was invited for the first time, to cover one of the Sephora VIP events, that they organize for their best clients. It was such an honor. it was also so exciting and sooo stressing! But it seems I did a good job, since they invited me again this year! 🙂

A Summer in the South of France

A secluded villa in the hills, perfect days ending with perfect evenings with friends, wine, candles and a perfect sky with millions of stars shining upon us. It became very understandable why so many people want to move in the South of France. Life is simple and yet fulfilling… Time has a different meaning… It…

Corinne Hall beauty shot

1001 Nights photo shoot

Silky hair, glamorous eyes, dream like dresses and gorgeous models for a fun / hectic / crazy / inspiring / exhausting / fulfilling day. It felt like stepping in an Arabian Nights tales! Soon we’ll be taking this to the next level and will be shooting in Marrakech to include beautiful decors, even more gorgeous…