She said Yes!

My friend got married last week-end and it was a beautiful and very special moment.

I’m not a wedding photographer but every now and then I do an exception. Especially for such a dear friend. She was gorgeous, the dresses, the make up, the hair… everything was perfect. When it’s that perfect, it’s somehow even harder to accept the responsibility to take the pictures of such a day because the pressure is huge. Pressure is mostly self inflicted, of course. But it’s real nether the less.

I was freaked out!

I was wearing a beautiful Moroccan dress, a dreamy dress that was constricting me so much, I thought I would stop breathing at some point. It was long and flowing as gracefully as possible and yet, most of the time I was walking like a penguin, scared to fall, scare to torn the dress, to break my camera, my teeth, the decor… everything at once?! Every movement was made difficult by the dress.

To add to my troubles, my hairdo included too many bobby pins that wouldn’t stay in place.

And if you are a woman photographer you may also know of another problem. Rubbing your face against the camera and putting your eye in the view finder results in big make-up smudges! and mascara in your view finder…

Life is hard!!

Yet it was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to do it again!!

Wedding by Miss Coco Wedding table - by Miss Coco Wedding tradition - by Miss Coco