Money talk: sell something to get better at money

Selling therapy is the new trend to follow!

Note: All the pictures here are from my Society6 shop. Not trying to sell you something… Just trying to feel better! 😉

There are so many financial advises out there that it’s really hard to follow any.

You need to save more, you need to invest but you also need to repay your debts, and don’t use these credit cards, but you actually need to… Don’t eat out, earn more… ask for that raise, change job… buy a house, no actually you should rent… Make your own stuff, like your own hummus and coffee at least… buy crypto, don’t buy crypto… and of course ‘get a side hustle’.

Along the way, there are also a bunch of apps to ‘help’ you track your expenses and methods to help you save pennies or maybe more. Who hasn’t seen those flawless manicured hands counting cash out of pretty binders, which alone cost probably more than the person attached to these hands really saves in a week!

Yeah, well at least, I knew right away that this isn’t the budgeting and saving method for me! 😉

But I did get lost into all these recommendations. I was bad with money for years. Still not great I should add! But getting better.

Indeed, there are lots of recommendations out there and I’ve added to the mix my own recommendations, based on my very personal experience and changes! I’ve talked profusely about my one year no-buy challenge and how it changed me. I talked about my steady income increase and how I managed it by doing the opposite of what people told me to do. I even exposed my demons when things changed… And a bunch of other things which you can find in the ‘money talk’ section.

And now here is one more recommendation… Sell something!

I deserve more shoes - Tote bag by Miss Coco on
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Selling therapy is so much better than retail therapy!

You know retail therapy, I’m quite sure! You know this little kick you get from buying yourself something, a little pick me up when you are feeling low. Oh, maybe not so little actually.

Years back, I was into handbags! And shoes. Shopping for handbags or shoes was never a disappointment to me. It was my way to cope with a highly stressful work environment.

And after 2 years of pandemic, the lows and excuses to ‘treat ourself’ have been endless. Getting back to the office might have been another reason to turn to shopping.

But we also all know that the mood improvement induced by retail therapy is short lived. It’s just a little endorphin kick which is often followed by remorse or even despair when you see the spending on your credit card and the thing you bought in the back of your closet.

So indeed, selling therapy is much better.

The kick you get when you sell something is comparable, but it is also far more motivational. Just like the act of buying, the act of selling makes you want to do it again and again! But when you get the money from your sells, you get another rush. Unlike when you buy something and see the expense on your bank account.

When you sell something, your account balance goes up and that is always a terrific feeling!

So indeed, when you sell something, you get a double endorphin kick. When you sell and when you get paid, as in a lot of cases, these 2 events are slightly apart.

If you’ve ever sold something on eBay or else, you know this already!

Wonders of the World - drawn with love by Miss Coco
That is really pretty if you ask me!

Yes, there are a few obstacle to selling something. It’s usually a little more difficult than buying. If selling a physical object, you have to take pictures of such object, post them online, fill up the description… then answer questions from potential buyers… if they buy your thing, you have to wrap it, mail it, follow up… In the mean time you wait because sometimes, things just don’t sell.

In some cases, all of this process adds to the gratification! In some cases, it does become a burden.

At one point I had so much stuff on sale on eBay, it had almost become a part time job to handle. And the trips to the post office were driving me crazy!

It was still very gratifying to watch my bank account balance grow!

Try it! Next time you want to treat yourself, sell something and check how you feel about it. Sometimes just putting something up for sale is gratifying. Probably because you know you’re taking a step in the right direction. Maybe because you’ve finally done something you meant to do for ages!

If you don’t feel like trying it, that’s ok. There are plenty of other ways to boost our moods without spending money. You can go for a walk too. Or exercise, or be naughty in the bedroom… That all works! 😉

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