March, Spring and time to remember what it is like to relax!

Spring has arrived! It feels great to see the small changes around. Trees turning baby green, flowers blooming. I guess hibernation time is over and it’s time to take on the world instead? Wait, not quite, I still have a bunch to handle at home!!

Forewords: I totally feel guilty for going about my ‘normal’ life, while other’s are fighting for theirs. I feel totally vain for talking about the fitting of my apartment, while others are seeing theirs being destroyed. It stopped me for a while. It scared me as well, obviously.

When I got back from my last ‘week-end’ with my dad, it stroke me. I got a new home. It actually felt right for the first time. It didn’t matter that the floors were covered up with protection, as works were being done in the bathroom. It didn’t matter anymore that boxes were still pilled up here and there. It felt light and nice. It felt safe and relaxing. I liked it, almost for the first time. I enjoyed it.

As it was not love at first sight, I didn’t take such a feeling for granted!

The list of things that remains to be handled is still very long. We’re not talking just about decoration here, we are unfortunately talking about construction and big stuff. The ceiling in the bedroom to be redone, the partition with the bathroom to be installed, the kitchen closet… Annoying big stuff really which are lingering for no reasons.

Nevertheless, life is becoming slowly more ‘normal’ again. When I’m at home, I try to work in the morning and do the apartment related stuff in the afternoon. Things like the coffee table and drilling holes in the ceiling, to install lamps! Just like when I was doing other things like drawing or sewing. Splitting my days to do different things and to make progress on different fronts.

I’ve been getting back to a more normal routine with my workouts too and it feels really good when I do. I’m still on ‘easy mode’. Not really pushing myself but doing more relaxing videos instead.

I got back to investing again even if I’m still bleeding cash with all the things that are needed. More lamps were purchased, one bathroom mirror, a second rug for the kitchen because the first I got was too small… Despite all of it, I wanted to keep investing because long terms investment take small & regular steps! Well, it does for me.

Small progresses were done on the Peugeot and it is starting to fell like it will be brilliant! I’m now pretty optimistic about it!

Something I learned this month?… To drill in concrete! I finally managed! Hip hip hooray 🙂

Overall, it’s been a good month. I didn’t necessary expect it to be. But I’m happy about the progress made.

Time unfolding (this part is really just for me!)

The first week went by so fast.

I came back from my dad’s place on Tuesday and 3 days work weeks always go like a blink. I still managed to be present for my clients and handle some major work back log. I also started sanding my coffee table. Installed curtains in my office and one more ceiling lamp! So many still to go!

I finally brought back one more big plant! 3 more to go. I had stored my plants at my client’s office! (yes we have a good enough relationship for me to do this) The first ones I brought back were the outdoor ones, basically as soon as the balcony was done. Now I’m bringing back the indoor ones.

And I worked out a little with Pam which is something that has been on and off. Felt really good.

I’ve also been sleeping a little better at night. Eating better and feeling a little better overall.

The second week started with a big disappointment

Cracks in the bedroom ceiling! So we didn’t install the lights or the curtains. It’s going to take a while to get sorted. It’s more than annoying since the whole ceiling will be redone but somehow I remained calm. I’m actually relaxing slightly on everything.

Yet another trip to my osteopath was necessary but this isn’t just to handle emergencies anymore. The work is deeper. It feels better.

I even started to sleep better. I’ve stopped waking up at 3am which is too early even for me. 5am is good.

No drilling this week but a lot more of Pam instead and that feels better too! Instead I managed to do some big catch up on work. Always feels good to cross something like this off my to do list.

Apartment wise? We got some of the taps in the main bathroom and the bathtub was sealed. Not all of them and still no toilet in sight but… I took a bath! I’ve been dreaming of taking a bath for 3 months! It was weird at first mostly because of the surroundings but so relaxing!

The 3rd week went by very fast

More catch up… I can’t believe how much work I had on the back burner!

Apartment wise? We got the 2nd toilet installed and the taps for the sink. Nothing short of a miracle.

And as mentioned above, I finally mastered drilling in concrete. I installed 3 lamps in the kitchen, in the same amount of time, it took me to drill my first hole, a couple weeks back!

Coffee table is almost done and under sink bathroom cupboard was partially built. I still need the counter top to finish the installation.

The 4th week was intense

As usual, I was going to see my dad. But I knew this trip would be different, as we had to go to yet another funeral. We worked on the Peugeot a bit. Then took off. It was ‘nice’. For a moment on the beach, we forgot what we were there for. We forgot the sadness, the grief and we enjoyed the people we were there with. After the funeral, the road back to my dad’s place was hard. I was exhausted and knowing that I had to drive some more the next day to get back home made it even harder. I really shouldn’t call this a long weekend above, as I was gone for 6 days!

Meanwhile at the apartment, the bathroom wall was redone. It is straight now! Hooray. On to the bedroom ceiling! Maybe, eventually… one day!

Obviously, all the pictures here are from the little time we managed to spend at the beach!

The last week of March was mostly about work.

And yet, I managed to finish the coffee table and install the under sink cupboard. I don’t yet have the counter top but will handle soon.

The kitchen counter top has been installed as well. That feels good. Although the hob is just decorative at this point as it isn’t connected!

Quarter always ends with a bunch of work obligations but all was handled fairly smoothly.

For a second, walking this path felt like summer. Without the scorching sun!


It’s almost difficult to realize that 3 months of this year have already passed. It’s even more difficult to realize that 2 months ago, the apartment was still a big worksite and is now where we live. Progress were made, despite these being so slow.

I knew from the start life would be messy. I had hopped for a whole different outcome but had to come to accept that it would take time.

Nevertheless, I’m slowly relaxing, despite it all. It’s been physically very taxing to go through this experience and I need more peaceful days. I realized I’ll soon be camping again when going to see my dad and that felt good already!

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