I bought Pam’s Advent Calendar!

Never thought this day would come… But here we are, I bought my very first advent calendar! WTF is happening to me?!

OK, let me explain because I stand by what I said in my green Christmas piece. I still much prefer the idea of a reverse advent calendar.

Yet, I bought this advent calendar and I’m not ashamed… not of buying it and not of what I did…

Pam Advent calendar - 1.2m of treats
1.2m of treats!

The reason I bought this advent calendar

If you’ve read any of my monthly recaps, you’ve heard me professing my love for Pam. She is to thank for my transformation into a much healthier, much thinner, much stronger version of myself. And I don’t think the transformation is complete.

The thing is that, up until this calendar, I had not yet bought anything from her. I use her app every now and then, to check on the weekly workout programs she put together, but I often do my own. I haven’t done any of her recipes yet, even if I’ve been meaning to try. So I haven’t felt the need to pay for the extra bits on her app. I had not yet bought any of her Naturally Pam products either. I haven’t bought any of the products she promotes either, even if I was tempted by some of the dresses in her latest collection with Na-kd.

When working out, I watch her videos on YouTube. So I know I’m not a complete useless follower. She does earn some money because I work out. Still, I wanted to take it a step further to show my appreciation. I wanted to spend money on her products, even she will never know, I did so to support her business.

In short, I bought this advent calendar to support a business woman I appreciate and show my appreciation!

Who is Pam?

I’ll let you google Pamela Reif because I don’t think I can do her justice. What I can tell you is that I completely admire her (this is is a rare thing for me to say, but this isn’t something I should even brag about!).

In addition to her workout videos, she is building a brand and maybe a little empire while always looking for the most sustainable ways to do so. Her products are vegan and organic and most are wrapped in compostable foils. She writes cookbooks and also partners with brands to create clothing lines that are environmental friendly or at least with such goal in mind. She seems to have energy for days lasting 48h and probably has plenty of other projects she is working on.

Overall, she is a business woman who genuinely seems to care and that is admirable.

Indeed I bought Pam’s advent calendar but….

… I never intended to wait for December to open it!! My partner kind of was upset when he realized I had emptied already!

Please, pretty please, before you get all upset with me as well, remember I’m moving. I’m packing everything and I can’t have anything extra lying around. So I open it and intend to use all the products asap! I’m emptying all the shelves, food items included to move with the bare minimum, which is still too much to my liking.

Let’s keep in mind as well that I’m not an advent calendar person. I think Christmas gifts are plenty, and don’t need 24 days of presents before.

The fact that most of the products in this calendar can be eaten was important to me. Not a lot of extra stuff to move! The other important point is that I did want to try the Naturally Pam’s products and this calendar felt like a great way to sample a lot of them, without buying a whole lot.

Pam Advent calendar inside
I’m spoiling everything here!

A little review of Pam’s Advent calendar

Now, this isn’t going to be a full review of the products inside such calendar because it’s not really my thing! And I’m pretty sure you can find in Pam’s insta stories the description of all the products anyway.

First, a majority of the products are things you can eat!

Little daily treats, either from Pam’s brand or other brands she likes. I was particularly eager to try the nut clusters and Pam’s protein bars. I liked them very much but I just don’t consume such products very regularly. On the other had, My partner might decide to order some every now and then, as he liked them as well and happens to enjoy protein bars when golfing.

Pam Advent calendar - Naturally Pam products
I forgot the oat!

Then there are a few products to be used in recipes like the chocolate chips or the coconut bits. Will use these soon!

Last, there are other little products like a shampoo bar by Santé or the Everdrop washing product for sport clothes, as well as gift cards for the lingerie store Intimissimi and hosiery store Calzedonia.

Everdrop is a German brand I’ve tried to order from as they do cleaning products in tabs. But they do not deliver where I live and that’s a bummer.

Pam Advent calendar - Friends' products

Overall, a nice variety of products! And if you have to have an advent calendar, it really should be this healthy, yummy, useful, and cute! Oh, and of course, vegan!

By the way, right now, you can still get one on https://www.naturally-pam.com. This isn’t an affiliated link or else. I just thought I should mention.

The gift that keeps on giving

The packaging of the calendar has been well thought too. Not just because of the nice decor, with little Pams hidden in the clouds or in the ‘forest’!

The inside of the calendar is compostable but first, you can use it to grow Pam’s basil which is a really nice touch. My trays are already cut into pieces and now packed up, ready to move. Will have to wait for our new apartment to be ready to see such basil grow.

Trays have been cut and are ready!

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