September made me feel like a grown-up

Another monthly recap for a month well spent! Things that made me happy, the more difficult bits… Just life unfolding…

Let’s first all rejoice: Fall is finally here!

September Sunrise
My happy place!

I’m amongst the people who don’t do so well, in summer. Admittedly, summer hasn’t felt much like summer here, so it wasn’t all bad. But Oh Fall… How I longed for you!

Glorious sunrises, incredible sunsets, foggy mornings, colorful forests, mushroom picking… Comfy clothes… I waited for the 21st to wear my boots and loved every minutes of such a glorious day! Of course, scented candles will be burned often and lots of tea will be prepared going forward!

Forewords (the kind of usual ones)

I’ve been doing monthly recap since the beginning of the year, as I wanted to keep traces of what life as during a pandemic. Just journaling the ups and downs, the little joys, the changes.

After a while, I came to the conclusion that changes do not care about dates. Changes are a constant thing, from one day to the next, changes ignore the meaning of weeks and months even more.

Whenever an issue seems to be sorted, it can come back… fear, pain or doubts can resurface when it was thought to be buried.

Vegan and delicious blackberries pie
Pie like this one makes everything better!
Vegan pie of course, with freshly picked blackberries. My hands were purple for days but it was worth it!

September highlights

Early September, I went back to Paris. I kissed more (vaccinated) people, I had a lot of fun and as I hoped, I got my bright and shinny Peugeot parts back. It’s time to rebuilt!

At my dad, I camped again and it was made even more special by the realization that it would be the last time I camped, this year at least. Days are becoming shorter and shorter and the sun is rising way too late for me to wait for it. On my last day, I cleaned my tent throughly and packed it with a bit of sadness.

Late fall sunrise
Had to prepare my coffee in the dark, but after a while the sunrise was glorious… as usual!

Then my partner left for 10 days 🙂 It was great!! It may sound mean to rejoice at his absence but first I was clearly happy for him, as he got to take the trip he had planned before the pandemic. Secondly, after over a year and a half being together almost non stop, a bit of space felt nice (I know he left 4 days in August but those went by way too quickly!). Less cooking, less cleaning, more breathing!

I focused a lot on work, getting up to speed with my new role, I’m not nearly there, it’s scary…

In addition, I have now drawn the final bits for my 3 parts project. Hip hip hooray!

I also started packing and that felt good! Boxes are being filled, slowly but surely. Small repairs and deep cleaning are also being handled.

There was so much more I wanted to do. But instead I stayed focused. Had to say no to myself several times, but it worked. Saying no to myself is a bit of a new challenge!

Minty on new adventures
Minty went on new adventures when I was at my dad’s place… of course!

The main outcome

In the middle of September, I realized that I had partly lost the magic in my life. I had magical months this year but August felt like an almost pre-pandemic month as it was full of ‘normal’. As September started, I felt a need to slow down and reconnect with my inner self. I needed to marvel again at the happy circumstances, the serendipity of things happening, the beauty of little synchronicity. It turned out to be a difficult thing to do as September can be summarized as a grown-up month! A month full of responsibilities.

Something did happen that reminded me of the power of manifestation. Not something I want to give details about but still something that impressed me. It started with an issue early during the month and a not so pleasant, but ideal way of getting sorted. A little injury that gave me the opportunity to get out of a commitment, without looking like I wanted to get out of such commitment all along. Manifestation isn’t always 100% pleasant apparently!

Even if my partner left for 10 days and it gave me time to pause on certain things, I remained mostly focused on the things I had to do. By the end of the month, I actually felt great about it. For a cancer and an expert day dreamer at that, getting things done isn’t always easy, but does provide immense joy when it happens!

Life is really a balancing act.

Little follow-ups

Online money investment: I invested slightly more than what I said I would and I’m not even stressed about it. 🙂

Drawing? Just one more project I have to handle, before getting back to my own which admittedly will have to wait for us to be settled in our new apartment. Stay focus!

Pam? Soooo in love! Slowly getting in love with my new body too.

NMN? I have to finish what I have and can’t seem to motivate myself to do so.

Sewing? 😦 Nothing, nada, for months now. Except for a few repairs, I haven’t got my machine out. She is going to be upset. In truth, I can’t bring myself to sew things that are going to be too big in a month or two. I do still have to sew my motorcycle saddle, that’s something!

Best buy of the month

Clearly it has to be my new skincare routine!! In fact, I haven’t bought anything else. I was too focused on work and finishing up my drawing project. I need some new clothes but I’m trying my best to do with what I have. I don’t want to buy things that will be too small in a month or two (like these).

Typology skincare routine

What’s ahead?

October starts with invoicing! A lot of invoices to produce this quarter. I’ve started templates, automatization and stuff. I told you, I felt like a grow up this month!! Realistically, it is still going to be nerve wrecking to hit the send button. Like every quarter, multiplied by the number of invoices!

The anniversary of my mom’s passing is mid October and makes it a difficult month. It is slowly, very slowly becoming a little easier. Just a little.

Then? Try to breath a little! Maybe?! And get organized for the move. Now, you finally can!

It doesn’t look like we’ll handle going to London in October. We shall see.

Something to read / Something I learned

I like reading the Collector and this piece on Posthumanism philosophy was certainly different from what I usually read there but sooo interesting.

September sunrise
Til next spring!

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