August: Is this what normal life looked like?

July was a threshold, the liminal space I had somehow waited for. I didn’t fully comprehended it at first. Maybe I even fought a little, until I surrendered to it, until I paused and let the magic unfold.

I let my old self dissolved, I let my identity being reshaped. The process wasn’t over in August. I was ok with it lasting a little longer, once I had understood what was happening. I felt ok with what was unfolding, knowing that it was like a chrysalis phase. While scary at first, I soon acknowledged the beauty of the flow.

I only needed to show up and so I did. There was a moment where it scared me again but as with every moment, this passed too.


As for every monthly recaps I wrote, I’ll say the same things again: you don’t need to read, because I’m just journaling my way through a pandemic. Trying to keep traces of what it was like.

Maybe now it is going to become partly something else. We shall see!

Another note: This post include affiliated links in the ‘best buy of the month’ section. If you decide to make a purchase, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

August in short

While change is being processed in the background, life happens in plain sight!

And so the month started by a week-end at my dad. Yeah, well, you read this every month, I know! Anyway, I drove Minty. I went alone, had troubles and managed. It was great! I have by then passed the 100km mark! I didn’t even realize it at first. This was caused for celebration but actually I just continued driving… 200km now, so 😎

Then work, a sh#$t load of work.

My partner went to Paris for a long weekend and it felt amazing! I was alone for 4 days! It had not happened since before the pandemic. A lifetime ago. I drew, I exercised, I made a mess and then cleaned it all up. I actually cooked for myself, a lot more than I normally do in such circumstances… It was soooo good!

And then back on Minty! It really is a great escape. It is amazing how every troubles disappears when riding. It probably is obvious to experimented riders, I’m just so new at it. Everything is a discovery, a realization.

I thought I needed to have my ears pierced again, it turned out I didn’t. But since I had decided to get something pierced, so I got a second hole! More earrings to wear soon!

Finally, my partner and I took off for a long weekend together. A Birthday weekend for him! It was weird at first to be surrounded by people, but it was nice at the same time. A little stressing at times. Kisses and hugs are still not that comfortable!

Glamping was sooooo cool!

The main take out

Looking back, August was a well balanced month. A month that almost felt like a pre-pandemic month. My partner going off to Paris, our weekend together, our plans to go to London… Getting to work, meeting new people, getting stressed and getting over it… That feels normal! ‘Pre-pandemic normal’ I repeat: Almost.

I’m not sure I expect this to last but I had really missed going somewhere else than at my dad’s place. Although I know I can’t complain since, at least, I could do that.

On another topic, I have a small issue… Since I continued to exercise a lot, my body is evolving. It feels great. However, I have nothing left to wear! I know, I know, every single woman on Earth and beyond, says that. But I swear it is true!! I went through my wardrobe and 90% of my clothes are too big, including some of the things I sewed. A few items can still be worn by tightening here or there, but most are just way too big.

I’m going to have to go shopping for professional clothes and that is highly stressing.

Well, I guess I liked August after all! Thank you for being great! And I’m so looking forward to Autumn, my favorite season with mesmerizing sunrises and glorious sunset.

Little follow-ups

Online money investment: OK, it’s going great! I have to refrain myself from transferring more than what I said I would. Or should I? Let’s keep our cool and ponder a while longer, shall we! Or not…

Drawing? Part 3 of my big project is so close to be done! One last push required… It is such a relief, it had been going on for way too long.

watercolor pencils

Pam? Soooo in love! If you skipped above, Pam is held entirely responsible for the little issue mentioned there.

NMN? I haven’t taken any all month. 😦

Moving? I did quite a bit of decluttering. Not the things I thought I would handle but still good.

Budget? August was a catastrophic month!! I had forgotten about my nephew Birthday, I had not planned to spend as much on my partner’s Bday weekend… Ouch!! Overall, since the beginning of the year, I’m still on track… Actually, I’m surprised to still be on track but happy!

Best buy of the month

My new tipi tent! Technically, I bought it end of July, but I needed to test it before I could brag!

One Tigris Tipi tent - camping

My Vegavero vitamins collection is growing! Vegavero supplements are becoming my favorites.

I was looking for a collagen supplement but there isn’t one for vegan, so I thought I should try the Vegavero collagen booster which is hopefully the next best thing. Will report in a month or so.


What’s ahead?

Well, I have to go to Paris to get my 2nd motorcycles parts back. They should be all shiny and beautiful when I get them! Not sure how I will handle such trip. Go mingle with anti-vaxxers or not? Doubtfull, but time will tell.

Can’t wait to see how shiny they will be!!

My new client is going to be back from vacation and activity is going to pick up. I think I need to consider September as my trial month. A month of learning and getting into the groove. I need to see how it affects my schedule before making any new plans.

London! Should I stay or should I go?! Haven’t bought the tickets yet. Very exciting and very stressing!

Got to get cracking on getting things ready for our move. Decluttering, organizing, making some of the required purchases…and start packing! Arrrghhhh… No, no, these are all good things!

Something important to read

In August the IPCC report came out. It was a headline for 2 days and soon was replaced by other worldwide issues.

If you wish to read the IPCC report, you can visit the official website… We are doomed

On a rainy evening, glamping at its best…

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