There’s no one else, I’d rather be in quarantine with, than you

Today, in the mist of the global pandemic we are all facing, I realized there was no one else than my partner, I’d rather be in quarantine with. Yes, I kind of told him! Most importantly this lead to a broader conversation on how difficult it would have been for us years ago, and how difficult it must be for some couples. 

There’s no one else I’d rather be in quarantine with than you - celebrate your quarantine partner

For the ones of us, lucky enough to be in a healthy relationship, it is worth celebrating. 

It is worth telling your partner that it may not be peachy every day, but you are glad they are by your side. 

It’s worth telling them how much they mean to you during this time, to let them know that despite the fights or little annoyance, you appreciate their company, their efforts to brighten your day, their jokes, even the bad ones, their approximate cooking, their lack of talent for cleaning… Maybe you even appreciate their new found inspiration for singing, dancing or their new hobby… even if they clearly lack the required talent 😉 

Whatever makes you happy during these difficult times, is worth celebrating! 

So I drew little cards 

I drew very simple cards. These are free to download if you wish to use them to tell your partner that you appreciate them.

You can make these your own, in fact I recommend you to. Color them if you wish. Add to them what you want, little hearts, big hearts, unicorns… These are for you to use to spread the love & appreciation! 

There’s no one else I’d rather be in quarantine with than you - card WM
There’s no one else I’d rather be in quarantine with than you - card WW
There’s no one else I’d rather be in quarantine with than you - card MM

What if you are quarantined with a non human partner? 

I got you covered with the dog and cat version! Not sure your dog or cat will appreciate but it can be a reminder for yourself that you’ve got your best friend with you! 

You can still customize it and have fun with it! 

How to? 

Right click on the image you want. Open in a new window, save and print. You may need to resize to fit which ever paper you wish to use. 

I’ve designed them with a portrait format in mind so you could add whatever you wanted to them.

Obviously you can print which ever way you want or cut them the way you want! Be creative!

Just one more little Note: these are not for commercial use! Obviously. 

Celebrate your quarantine partner with a card

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