Preseren Square drawing

It’s been a while since I last shared a drawing so here it is!

My rendering of Preseren Square in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s a drawing I made for a dear friend of mine, who now has the original. It’s always weird to draw something for someone. I’m not getting used to it!

Prešeren Square drawing - Ljubljana drawing - Slovenia

Preseren Square is weirdly shaped. It’s not round, nor square. The 3 bridges that lead to it are most famous but I couldn’t fit them in! Perspective is not my thing but I think that considering the shape of the square, I managed fairly!

Hope you like it!

Available for download!

If you do like it, you can find a printable high resolution version of this Preseren Square drawing on RTatW postcards page. You do need the password to access all the drawings on such page and you can get it by subscribing to RTatW newsletter.

RTatW newsletter isn’t too bad if you ask me! It was supposed to be a quarterly one as I had promised myself to be consistent this year…. But I haven’t send one for months! The good thing is that you won’t feel spammed!!

Now, I know that, after a while, such drawing will be stolen by various websites making it available through various junk links. It happens all the time and I don’t know how to fight this, it’s a constant struggle. If you have tips, do tell me!

But I can tell you that the only high definition version of it is on my postcards page. It’s the only version that will give good result once printed. As you may be able to see below, the images I posted here and on RTatW aren’t high definition. It’s the only way I found so far, to fight the thieves!

I’m a little sad and annoyed to have to tell you this here. To not be able to show you all the details of such drawing. The original is an A3 format so quite big!

It’s not a masterpiece but it was still a lot of work!

Prešeren Square drawing - Ljubljana drawing - Slovenia - designed by Coco

Also available on My Society6

I had proclaimed my love for Society6 very officially in the past. I’m afraid to tell you that such love has fizzled out… 😦

It did start as a beautiful love story, really. I had found a place where I could publish my drawings and eventually make a few bucks from such drawings. It seemed ideal! I know, I know, big deal! Like I had discover a hidden treasure or something!

But it was indeed exactly what I needed. A place that does all the work for me: invoice, print, pack and ship, it handles everything. Of course the margin isn’t huge but it is great considering all the behind the scene work. So I loved it!

Then Society6 expended… a lot. First in the home decor section with blankets, pillows and shower curtains. Then came the bath mats and the backpacks. Later came all sorts of home furniture like coffee tables and cutting boards… I don’t think I’m listing the additions in the right order. I probably missed all the emails announcements.

Every time I went on the site, I found new products that were added! And every time I connect, I still feel like there are new things there.

I now feel completely out of place. I only enable art prints and alike in my shop as I don’t feel like my 7 Wonders of the World Map would look that good on a sling chairs, a bar stool or a fanny pack.

Plus, I always felt disconnected from what actually sells. If you look at the art on the front page, you’ll instantly know why! I just don’t fit. Yet, I thought not fitting was ok. There could be a place for everyone? But then again, maybe not…

To be fair, Society6 updated their uploading tools and it is much easier to work with now. It tells you automatically which products can be enabled, considering the size of your upload and things like that. But obviously, the format required for a round clock and an iPhone case isn’t the same. And then weird things happen with the sizing…

It’s basically a full time job to keep up and maintain and I already have a job!

I know, I know, it’s hard work to be an artist! I’m not really one anyway.

Not sure what I’ll do. For now I have uploaded my Preseren Square drawing and it’s available as various art prints if you like it!

The mini print on a wood block looks super cute!

Prešeren Square drawing - Ljubljana drawing - Slovenia - available on Societ6 designed by Coco

My Society6 shop is

And the art print for this specific drawing is

Pin this if you wish!

Yes I did enable the mugs because I love mugs!!

Prešeren Square - Ljubljana, Slovenia - available on Societ6 designed by Coco

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