So it seems we are heading for a recession… how will you cope?

I’m no economist! I don’t understand all the indicators which are being discussed in grown-ups’ articles. I don’t have a crystal ball either. I however know 2 things: Recessions are part of the economy cycle and the more people talk about it, the more they are likely to happen!

Simple Living can help you cope with the next recession - stay as focused as this dog!

It is therefore interesting to ask: how do you prepare for the next recession? How will you cope?

A recession can be a good thing globally

I actually think that a recession might be good, considering the disastrous future we are heading toward.

The environmental crisis we are facing is unparalleled to anything the human kind has ever faced. A recession will lead to a reduction of consumerism which will have a significant positive impact on pollution of all sorts.

No, I’m not a prophet of the doom. You have to be a certain sort of stupid to deny environmental reports that have been discussed recently and blind, to deny the perceptible changes that are already so visible.

We have to act or a lot of us will suffer great consequences. A recession will force us to act, to change and that’s a good thing.

I’m certainly not going to recommend you to built a shelter and stock pile on food! Humans will not get out of this mess, by selfishly surviving on their owns. Humans will prevail, only if they manage to tackle the issues together.

But personal acts & choices do matter.

A recession can be a good thing on a personal level

With a recession looming, people stress about their mortgage, their job, their finances in general and reduce their consumption of “stuff”. They fear for their future and the future of their children. How will they feed them? Will they still be able to provide a roof over their heads?

Thankfully, more and more people want out of the rat race that creates such situation. More and more people realize that “Work more, earn more, spend more” also mean “live less”.

More and more people want to simplify their lives and I’m there with them!


So if you want my 2 cents on how to cope with the next recession, than read on…

You don’t have to stay as still as this little dog, but you have to stay focused… on your goals, your values, your needs…

Learning to live a simple life

Some call it frugal living, some associate this with being minimalist. I do too sometimes. Some stop at the Marie Kondo effect of decluttering, some move to a tiny house.

I like the concept of simple living because it doesn’t feel restrained into a certain aesthetic as the minimalist mouvement may be. It doesn’t necessarily focus on owning less. It isn’t about organizing your stuff into plastic boxes like Marie Kondo does, although I’m being totally unfair by reducing her method to this.

The idea of living simply feels, at least to me, more of a free idea. It doesn’t need to mean the same to you and to me.

However, if there is one thing I’m pretty sure of is that learning to live simply will also teach you skills that will undoubtedly be helpful during a recession. Skills that can become your super powers!

Living simply will give you super powers!

Hum, yeah, you think I’m going too far? Bare with me!


Simplifying your life will lead to happiness. It may be a long road and you may not see it at first, but being able to be content with what you have is a true gift.


Your will become more resilient. I promise! You will be able to face so much more, once you control your shopping envies, your cravings for more… If nothing else, you will be financially more resilient to changes and recessions.


Living a simple life also means that will become more flexible and will adapt to what ever life throws at you.


You will find new ways to use things, to repurpose them, to enjoy them because creativity flourishes in constrain. With more time in your hands, you’ll be able to think of new solutions to old problems.


Living a simple life will at the very least means less stress, more time and most likely additional focus on self care. Healthy cooking, exercising, meditating, walking… It can only lead to a healthier you!

Cultivate new habits

Happiness, resilience, creativity… those are are super powers, aren’t they?!

These are certainly skills that you can cultivate and which will be valuable during difficult times.

So why not start now simplifying your life!? We apparently have a couple more months before the next recession. It’s time to change and act!

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