Are you a Roadtripper? These new designs are for you

Oh, Baby it’s cold outside! 


So cold that there are days when the only thing I want to do is stay inside and draw. And so I do.. some days! Ok, sometimes I also have to work!!

As I was day dreaming of our next road trip, I started drawing the different vehicle possibilities and came up with a lot of different options. My heart had been set on the Defender for a while but as I was drawing, I realised the Morgan and teardrop trailer combo felt like a really cool option! Of course, I love the idea of a road trip in VW van, but who doesn’t?!

While I will keep dreaming for now, I still wanted to share with you the different cards I created with these drawings. They are ink and watercolor in case you wonder.

I created individual cards with my favorite ones:


And several different versions with all the drawings together. here is one as an example:


All these cards are free to download on and accessible on the ‘not so secret’ Secret Page!

Go ahead, check them out, they are really cool!! Well at least I think so!



Obviously, I couldn’t resist and had to use those drawings for some Society6 products. I told you in this post that I’m having a crush!!

I think it has to do with the incredible feeling of seeing your creation come to life. It is just sooo rewarding! You just have to upload the right sized design and “boum”, it appears on a mug, a shower curtain or an iPhone case. You can’t hold it in your hand but you can still almost feel it!!

And when someone in the World, even if it is only one person, buys one of your creation, it is whoa!!!


Society6 has added some new products recently and my favorite one has to be the notebook although I love that the pouch, now, comes in different size. I really need to get some for myself!

Hope you like those. let me know in the comments below! 



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