Versailles & Louis XIV: a Road Trip Map for History Buffs

Have you seen Versailles? The new TV show about Louis XIV. I love it!! One of the unexepcted side effect of watching this show, is that it got me revisiting my history books!! 

I know it’s a bit surprising, well at least if you knew my history teacher, you would have a good laugh together! But here we are, just a few years later with a renewed interest in history!

So what did this led to? To a road trip itinerary around Paris showing all the important places in the life of Louis XIV. From his birthplace in Saint Germain, to his coronation at the cathedral of Reims, of course to the Palace of Versailles and to Louis XIV final resting place in the Saint Denis Cathedral.

Here is what the full itinerary looks like:

Louis XIV Tour around Paris - A Map designed by Miss Coco -

And here is the second page which gives you all the details to plan your trip:

Louis XIV Tour around Paris - A Mini Guide designed by Miss Coco -


If you would like to download this mini guide, just go to It’s free of course.