How to spend your evening cutting, folding and gluing paper!

We came back from Berlin with a Paper Deer head bought on a market. It’s a pretty cool think to bring back. It’s just an A4 envelop which doesn’t weight much and is easy to slip in your suitcase even if it is a bit full.

After a few days, I finally decided it was time to start this project. And whao!! What a project.

The envelop contained 13 pages of puzzle like pieces to cut, fold and glue together.

The instructions are pretty basic: fold this way if the line is like this, fold the other way if the line is like that. Then, for ex, find the side numbered 149 and glue to the corresponding side that is also numbered 149. Repeat until the end!

But I think the most important instruction is: Don’t worry if you don’t see things coming along. The head will magically appear at the end! And indeed that was kind of true!!

So here is what it looks like along the process:

Paper Deer - stage 1 Paper deer - Montage Paper deer head - Montage Paper deer head is appearing

When you start putting together the bigger pieces, the neck and head will appear!

Paper deer head inside

The Paper Deer head is a work of art

It’s kind of magical inside a Paper Deer head!!

Inside the Paper Deer head


Cut, glue, fold…repeat… I must admit that it was completely addictive, like any puzzle can be I suppose.

But it was a lot of fun: Seing the shape appear progressively, realize that what I thought was going to be the nose is actually an ear!

Every now and then, having no clue if I was ever going to finish!

Very often doubting myself as I wondered if my eyes confused 163 and 169 which would, without any doubt,have disastrous consequences for this majestic animal!!

At least, I magically avoided any injuries!! not a single paper cut ;-). Just some soar fingers every now and then!

And then…. finally… there it was….
Paper Deer Head by Miss Coco

Once the head was done, I must admit the hardest part was probably to glue it to the frame!!

Paper Deer Head finished

It took me around 12 hours to cut, fold & glue the entire head. 3 entire evening of my life were required to finish this beauty!

But it was totally worth it. Congratulation to the Designer!