This site is under construction…

This site will be forever under construction… or so it seems! 

Miss-Coco-design- drawing-giraf

I’ve started this blog some times ago, for some very specific reasons and with specific goals in mind. All such reasons & goals have now vanished.

For some time now, I’ve posted inconsistently, random things from my latest map, to my deepest thoughts… Looking for a guideline, a clear direction for this blog seems impossible.

In fact, it’s ironic to see so little direction, for someone who creates road trip maps! Someone who is usually so organized.

For some time, I’ve been thinking of scratching it all, to start anew. I’ve been thinking about it but still can’t find a clear path…

Change the name, transfer to, organize, delete some posts, create new sections… Those are technical aspects that are manageable. Although finding a new name is never that easy.

Or just create some new. If you want a fresh start, there is nothing better than a blank page…

I still don’t know, I still can’t decide, I still can’t find my roadmap.

But I’ll let you know when I do!