Life is like a Camera

Life is like a camera, Focus on what’s important and Capture the Good times, Develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, take another Shot!

When I first saw this quote on internet, I instantly loved it!


But it probably happens to you too: you find something that you like, something that makes you tick when you see it, maybe you even post it on Facebook, Instagram or pin it but then eventually you mostly forget about it.

And then one day it comes back in a friend’s post or in your timeline and it kind of makes you happy again….

When this happened (again!), I knew I wanted to do something to remember this quote, and this time, not let it go.


Since I’ve been wanting to decorate the wall above my desk, I thought this would be a great starting point.  I want to create a wall with a mix of quotes, pictures and maybe even some small art pieces. Not sure where it will go and what it will look like at the end…. if there is ever an end as I think changing things regularly is nice and inspiring.


I first went to the basement to grab the collection of unused frames I knew I kept from our previous move. They are all simple, wooden, untreated frames and that’s perfect for me!

If you want to do something like that, do measure the frame you are going to be using. Don’t fully trust what they write on them in terms of size, or your picture, design or what ever you will be framing might be partially hidden.


Then I used Indesign to create my own version of this quite famous quote, using the camera drawing I had created for my logo, as a starting point. I wanted to keep it simple, with just a bit of color. I added a few dots and lines to make it more fun… and voilà!


Life is like a Camera framed Miss Coco

Life is like a Camera framed

This is the beginning of my frames’ wall above my desk. Need some motivation, inspiration and love!

Life is like a Camera wall


I think it also looks quite good as a card.

Life is like a Camera card

Life is like a Camera card


If you wish to print your own card*, open the below version, save and print. you may need to cut the paper a bit to adjust.


Life is like a camera

* Of course, this is for personal use only. No commercial use allowed.