I’m a Left Handed Girl, in a Right Handed World

I’m team left-handed and most of the time it doesn’t bother me

Team left-handed is a great team. We’re kind of special since only 10% of the World is left handed. And a lot of great minds have know to be left handed. Super famous lefties include Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Neil Armstrong, Prince William, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts…

Lefties have a greater chance of being a genius or at least having a higher IQ, they apparently think quicker, are better at multi tasking…They make great artists and innovator which seems to be linked to their divergent thinking…

Go team left-handed!! 😉


But sometimes it’s hard to fit into a right-handed world

The worse time I had as a leftie, was when I spotted a “friend’s” little girl drawing with her left hand. Yeah lefties tends to spot lefties!!

Kind of proudly, I told her mom that her daughter was going to be team lefties.

Her reaction was totally unexpected and puzzling… She said she would do anything to make sure her daughter is right-handed because being left-handed was such a handicap.

A handicap?? Really? Isn’t this a bit extreme? What do you know about it anyway? You’re right handed!

But she went on and on…

Arrrggghhhh!!! I was like stupid ignorant b#@!tch!   (Oops!! sorry)


It is true that lot of things appear to us as working backward or being totally badly designed.

  • Unscrewing things that have been tightly screwed is a little nightmare.
  • Oh how much we hate those spiral bound notebooks! And those ergonomic right handed scissors!
  • Yes, you can look ridiculous opening a fancy bottle of wine when you start turning the bottle instead of the corkscrew.
  • Why are the measurement instructions on the wrong side of the measuring cup??
  • Why is the pen at the post office attached on the right, how are we supposed to use it??
  • Why lefties don’t buy tinned food? Because we can’t use a tin opener! and because we cook anyway 😉
  • Let’s not even talk about sport equipment and music instruments…

The list goes on and on… but lefties being lefties, they adapt to these situations even if it means using their right hand. Yeah we are smart like that! And it surely isn’t an handicap to be smart! (well sometimes maybe it is…)


As a proud lefty, I’m going to do my little part! 

So where does this lefty propaganda comes from?

Well, as I was creating a new mug design for my Society6 account, while drinking my tea, I realized that the text I was adding wasn’t going to show on the correct side while holding the mug with my left hand. I browsed through the mug section of Society6 and soon confirmed that, appart from the wrap around designs, mugs were pretty much only designed for right handed people. Even the main picture displaying the mugs are for right-handed people…

Huuumm.. Big first World problem….

Yeah, I know, but still….

As a proud lefty, I’m going to do my part and from now on, all my mugs are going to be designed with left-handed people in mind!!

I’m not discriminating anyone so I’ll create them for right-handed people as well. 😉

Here is a comparison:


When a left handed person holds the mug with his/her left hand, they can see ‘Only speak to me to offer a refill‘ and people in front of them can only see ‘Only speak to me if this mug is empty‘. They can then turn it around, to get their refill!

It is obviously the other way around for right handed people.

OK maybe it isn’t the clearest example. But basically it means, for left handed mugs, the message has to be on the ‘front’ of the mug if the handle is seen on the right and if the message is addressed to the people around you.

If the message is, let’s say ‘You are beautiful’ than it is certainly addressed to the cup holder! So when you see the cup with the handle on the right, the message needs to on the ‘front’ of the cup for right handed people, and on the ‘back’ for left handed people.

Clearer?? If not, you are right handed!!


If you are team lefty, gives a thumb up!

Ok, ok, if you are right handed you can as well! 



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