New Shooting: a little bit of craziness is good for your health!

Two weeks ago I went to Paris for a new photoshoot with my friend. You may recognize her as we’ve been working together for while now.

How does a photoshoot goes when we’re together? Well, we usually start very seriously, going through the program we’ve set and being very professional… for about 2 hours.

What happens next? We go bonkers!!

Maybe it’s because we get tired, maybe it’s because we get hungry, maybe it’s too much coffee? I really don’t know!!

What I know is that, it’s usually when the magic happens. That’s generally when I get the best shots of her and not just the ones of her favorite profil. This is when creativity peaks and we both loosen enough to get candid and memorable photos!

I can’t show you the result yet because she hasn’t published those pictures. So for now, here is just a little behind the scene…


Yes, my friend is a little crazy (in a good way)! But I insist… she isn’t worshipping the sun or her shoes.