Shooting in Montmartre!

Shooting in Montmartre isn’t easy! Shooting in a café is worst!

While in Paris, Loubna made me 😉 do a photoshoot in Montmartre. Like the experience by the Seine wasn’t enough, we had to reiterate, on the next day, in one of the most crowded place you can find: the stairs of the Sacré Coeur!

I’m more of a studio girl! I like to control my light, I like the piece and quiet, I like to be relaxed and alone. Well, Montmartre was the total opposite and yeah, ok, it was fun, but it was also so much stress!! To be fair, it was probably hard for her too, to pause in front of so many people?!

And we had to wait such a long time to get the picture in the stairs. Those guys selling bracelets act like they own the place…

Miss Coco - Beautyshot in Montmartre -

Like it wasn’t enough and as I thought I could recover while having a nice cup of coffee, we had to do some more pictures of the rings and earring, Loubna had just bought!!

Yes, by the time we were done, the coffee was cold 😉

Miss Coco - Beautyshot jewelry - beautifulthings-photography.comMiss Coco - Beautyshot - an earring - Miss Coco - Beautyshot - just a ring -

Just kidding around with the ‘she made me do it’!!

Indeed shooting in such a public place was a bit stressing but sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Oh and I got to finally see the famous boutique, L’objet qui Parle! So all was great after that!!

Miss Coco - L'objet qui Parle in Paris -

Miss Coco - Inside L'objet qui Parle in Paris - Miss Coco - Vintage bottles at L'objet qui Parle in Paris -