Rule Nb 3: Smile to life!

Our series of ‘Rules’ continue with this one which was particularly fun to shoot! How can it not be fun when you are talking about smiling!!

For this shot, Loubna and I met in Paris. After some much needed catching up talks, with a cup of tea and some chocolat delight of course (hush-hush, it’s a secret!!), we headed to a spot by the Seine, which we thought was going to be quiet. Well, not so much! Even if we were down by the river, lots of people were walking by above us, in the street and our laughs were attracting lots of attention to our little venture!

We were both weirdly and dangerously standing on the verge of the staircase leading directly in the water, freezing and laughing. Some of the poses we tried, you wouldn’t believe!!

At some point, as we were both being totally silly, I managed to take this candid shot of my friend. Photographing and laughing are not two things anyone should do at the same time!
Miss Coco - Beautyshot - Rule nb 3 - for
What’s weird here is that I didn’t think anything about it first. I didn’t even looked at the screen of the camera because there was no way, this picture could have been sharp.

Plus we had already taken quite a few nice shots, some where Loubna, was wearing her beautiful coat, mostly because she didn’t want ‘t to die from pneumonia the next day 😉 Some with the other jacket she wanted to feature…

But after all our trials, and despite the other pictures being quite good, the candid shot is the one we selected for Rule nb 3!


Life is just weird this way sometimes, so you need to keep on smiling!