Sketches for a store interior design

My dear friend Loubna got me to do things that I never thought I would do. Lately this included going to a shop in Brussels which specializes in hair extensions. Not my cup of tea!! But what’s most surprising, is that it turned out to be interesting, as part of the discussion was on the store design.

It’s a super cute store, with not just hair extensions but lots of hair accessories and jewelry. As you can see, the decoration is, I would say, girly-chic.

Krome shop front store

One of the thing we discussed is the way to display the hair extension on the wall as they are kind of just hanging there.

Krome shop

So in anticipation of our next visit (because yes there might be a next one!! but not to buy extensions, thank you, I love my hair the way they are!), I gave some thoughts to this and drew these little sketches of ideas on how to display those hair extensions.

Miss Coco - Sketches for shop decoration Miss Coco - Sketches for shop decoration

And since ideas started pouring, I started some ‘theme’ decoration drawing!

Miss Coco - Sketches for shop decoration-3

This is completely unsolicited but I still hope they will like it and I wanted to share with you. It doesn’t matter what happens next, I had fun doing those little sketches and I got to play with my Copic markers so I’m happy 😉



What do you think? Do you like the idea of putting those hair extension into frames?

Do you have other ideas you would like to share?