Belles & Engagées


« The World is a better place when women are educated »

« Belles & Engagées » was a day organized by my friend Loubna, for women and by women. This first edition was in a little town close to Luxembourg but (spoiler alert!) we have plans to do this again.

For this 1st day of « Belles & Engagées » almost 30 volunteers accepted to give their time and talent to over 100 participants who came to get pampered and have fun – not bad for this first edition!

The goal was to raise money for the charity organisation Aide et Action, which focusses on education of women and children.

Amongst the services offered there, which included make up, hair styling, nails, henné and so forth, was a photo studio with 2 photographers: Nina and myself.

We had a blast! We were exhausted but the energy was uplifting and kept us going!

Check out on Facebook some of the pictures taken that day: click here

Note: The reason I’m not publishing them here is that I did not get written consent from the participants to do so and these are a share work between Nina and I.

My contribution to this wonderful project wasn’t just the photographies taken that day. I also prepared all the presentations that were used to advertise the event and all the necessary visual tools for the day: from the signs in the street, to the participant badges, the tickets for the drinks and the cloakroom, the agenda for the volunteers and booklet given to the participants… you name it!! It was a lot of work but worth the cause.


B&E - all presentations


In case you need further proof. This is me spending the evening cutting the cloakroom tickets 😉

B&E - découpe vestiaire-1300502

And if you are interested in the work of Aide et Action, you can check their website here.