Sephora – An Evening of Glamour and Fun

It was a true honor to be invited to cover the Sephora Prestige event, an evening that Sephora organises for its best clients where they can get pampered, while drinking some champagne!

I must tell you that I got a bit stressed to start with. The lights in the shop were tricky and changing, the little space between all the shelves made me feel like an elephant in a crystal shop, I was so scared to knock something! And of course it got really crowded as the evening was a true success. But, somehow, it all turned out ok and I had fun too. People were just lovely and seemed all very happy to be there, chatting their ways, while patiently waiting for their manicure or make-up and occasionally posing for me!

Special thank you to the  Sephora team. They are so sweet, so much fun and so full of energy, it’s quite amazing.

Have a look at the little video I made of the evening.




To show my gratitude, I wanted to present my pictures in a really nice way and prepared this little package for them.

A nice box, black like their logo, black silk paper to protect the prints, a thank you card and a usb stick with the pictures. Yes the stick is pink with a pink ruban because there had to be a girly touch to the presentation!

Hope they enjoyed watching the pictures as much as I did enjoy taking them.